About SCV

Southern Connecticut Volleyball (SCV), founded in 1997, is owned and operated by Sandy and Jeremy Doski. Over the last twenty years, thousands of players from across the country have traveled to compete in this doubles grass tournament. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram for up to date news and information about our tournaments!


Starting in 2013, SCV joined AVP America and now runs its tournaments through this umbrella organization. Players who compete in SCV tournaments earn points towards the AVP America year-long national ranking system, which makes players eligible for cash prizes and grand prix tournaments each season.


Tournaments are usually held one weekend per month from May through August, with divisions for all levels of play. On Saturdays, SCV offers  Men's Open through B division, Women's Open through B division, and a scholastic (ages 18 and under) division. On Sundays, Reverse Co-Ed divisions Open - B are offered. See the Tournaments page for this year's tournament dates!


Tournaments are currently being held at Hollow Park, 67 Washington Ave, Woodbury, CT 06798. Tournament check-in starts each morning at 8:00am and closes at 8:45am, and tournament play starts at 9:00am. Any player who checks in after 8:45am will incur a late fee.


Please see below for a breakdown of tournament fees: 


Tournament Fees:


Once Per Calendar Year:

AVP America Registration (note: you only need to register for AVP America once per year. If you registered with AVP America to play in another AVP America tournament this year, you do not need to register again).

$20 online only.

***** COVID-19 Changes *****

There will be no walk ons, or on site payment. Teams must pay the Friday before the tournament by 10:00 PM. If you are late to check in, there will be a $5 venmo charge

Each Tournament:

$30 per person if you pre-register ($60 for the team)

$10 for scholastic players (ages 18 and under)

$5 late fee if checking in after 8:45am


Click on the registration button on the home page to register for an upcoming tournament. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to answer them!